Connor Nejedly

#8 Overall Rider



NAME:   Connor Nejedly

NAHA Rider number:   395

AGE:   23

HOMETOWN:   Walnut Creek, CA

Years riding pro:  6


INSTAGRAM:   @cnej395

FACEBOOK:  Connor Nejedly


2016 AMA C Open 1st place

2017 AMA B Open 1st place

2018 AMA A Open 2nd place

2018 AMA 11th place overall, District 36

2017 NAHA 6th place overall

2018 NAHA 8th place overall


Rainbow Lodge, Swift Realty, Legacy Risk, BTR Moto, Rekluse Clutches, Muir Orthopedics, CTI Knee Braces, Joey's Lowbed Service, 6D Helmets, Moto Mart at Carnegie, Dirt Tricks, Mojo Moto Sport


•      What are your goals for 2019?/Future?

To finish the Erzberg Rodeo in May 2019.  To continue having fun and enjoying the sport I love.

•      What was your most memorable hill-climb moment?

In 2014, I received my high school diploma at the Nitro National Hillclimb at Columbus.  I skipped walking with my class in order to race.

•      What is your favorite NAHA venue and why?

The Big Nasty because it’s a natural hill and that suits my riding style because I grew up trail riding.

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