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Nick Beer 

#3 Overall Rider



NAME:   "Nitro" Nick Beer 

NAHA Rider number:   #14

AGE:  28

HOMETOWN:  Columbus, MT

Years riding pro:  14


INSTAGRAM:  @nitronick14



2009 Rookie of the Year

2013 Glen Helen King of the Hill

2014 X-12 Utah X-Climb Champion 

2019 NAHA Open Exhibition Champion



Team Beer Racing, Fly Racing, Factory Backing, Barnett Clutches, Loomis Performance and Machine, NAPA of Columbus, Mueller Motorsports, Rooster's Nest MX Pro Shop, Dunlop, Hanson's Motorsports, Hard Rock Brother, Boss Noss, Kober Fabrication, Local 406 Apparel, and Widdecombe Racing 



•    What are your goals for 2020?/Future?

 My goal for 2020 is to compete and remain competitive at every event on the NAHA Pro Circuit and to win two overall class championships in the points chase. 


•    What was your most memorable hill-climb moment?

My most memorable moment was at the final round of the 2019 NAHA Series in New Plymouth, ID when I secured the first class championship of my career in the Open Exhibition Class.


    What is your favorite NAHA venue and why?

My favorite NAHA venue is the Nitro National Pro Hillclimb in Columbus, MT. This is my hometown event, and this race is special to me because it is under the lights, consists of an extremely difficult course, and takes place in front of 6000+ wild fans!

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