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NAHA riders sweep the podium at the 2019 Winter X-Games Harley-Davidson Snow Hillclimb again!

For the second year in a row, since the inception of the X-Games Snow Hillclimb event, NAHA riders showed the level of skill that they possess by once again dominating the X-Games Snow Hillclimb. Though changes were made in the course this year taking it from last year's half pipe to an actual snowclimb hill, NAHA riders did not disappoint. No matter the challenge put in front of them, they continue to dominate the snow hillcilmb event at Winter X-Games. This year's medalists include NAHA riders Logan Mead (gold medalist), Travis Whitlock (silver medalist) and Jake Anstett (bronze medalist). Travis Whitlock, the defending champion of this year's snow hillclimb event, fell short of the gold this year after losing control of his bike and hitting the median while Logan raced to the top. You can view the final battle for the 2019 gold medal between Travis and Logan

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